Amazing Diaper Cakes



About Us

With so many baby gifts available today, including many variations of baby diaper cakes, why buy an Amazing Diaper Cake?

ADC has gone far beyond just placing diapers in a circle and wrapping ribbons around them. An Amazing Diaper Cake is custom made with or without quality baby products and looks good.

We use Huggies Size 2 and Pampers Swaddlers size 1-2diapers in our Diaper Cakes, not a non-branded medium size diaper. Our diapers are hand-folded and wrapped with a color ribbon. Yes, it takes much more time, but it provides our unique style and appearance.

Some Amazing Diaper Cakes include many different ingredients, from baby lotions, to rattles, to baby clothing and accessories. However, we do not stop there. ADC provides our customers the ability to add additional Special Ingredients.



All cakes are hand made by Rev. Spally Taylor